Carousel Gymnastics Summer Classes

by carouselgym

It’s snowing as I type this, but according to the calendar summer is not that far away! In an effort to help those organized parents plan for vacations and summer activities we are working on our summer schedules. Carousel Gymnastics Plover & Carousel Gymnastics Waupaca will be offering gymnastics summer sessions split into two sections. We feel this is a great way for families to sign up for classes that fit their busy summer schedules. Our Waupaca location will be hosting NinjaZone classes as well as Camps and Skills Clinics. Registration for the summer Gymnastics and NinjaZone sessions will open May 2nd.

Carousel Gymnastics Summer CampSummer day camps are a fantastic way to engage kids with fun, hands-on activities. Carousel Gymnastic camps are open the general public, registration in gymnastics or NinjaZone classes is NOT required! That makes these classes fun – for EVERYONE!

Skills Clinics are specifically designed to work on individual skills, i.e. cartwheels, back-flips, etc. These clinics are great ways to keep your child’s skills fresh before the fall session begins.

As always, if your child is enrolled at Sunny Day, child pick-up is available! We have a working relationship with Sunny Day to walk children to their Gymnastics or NinjaZone classes (daytime classes) all year! This gives families more flexibility when scheduling activities for their children. Please Note: Your child must be enrolled in child care at Sunny Day, this does not extend to other daycare programs. If your child will be enrolled at Sunny Day this summer and you would like to sign them up for a morning class, please let the front desk know if you need your child picked up.