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Preschool/Toddler Gymnastic Classes

Preschool/Toddler Gymnastic classes range in age from 2.5-5 years. Each level builds on the previous level and is designed to:

  • Work body awareness, coordination, balance, fine and gross motor skills
  • Develop confidence in a structured class setting
  • Develop more advanced direction following skills and increased independence
  • Preps kids for Rec I with more advanced (precise) gymnastic skills (Xcel Tots)

  • Tumbling

    Tumbling Classes are:

    • Designed to work the core skills of tumbling
    • Work on developing coordination, balance, flexibility, strength and self-confidence
    • Focus on technique to allow for skill building

    Team Trak

    By invitation only! Team Trak is:

    • For students that have the drive to compete in gymnastics
    • Designed to help gymnasts develop work ethic, self-confidence, a positive mind set and to work at goal setting
    • Multiple levels to help develop determination and a sense of accomplishment

    All Gymnastic Competition Team Levels are by invitation only and must be determined by current skill level. For more information on team level placement please contact Carousel Gymnastics Waupaca, WI.


    Register online by clicking the “Parent Login” or “Create Account” links in the right hand column. If you have questions regarding class schedules or level of skills required please call us: 715-942-9000!

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